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Wellington Silva – Can He Become A Big Star?

Wellington was born in the most violent part of Rio de Janeiro, the Complexo do Alemão which was conquered by the police and the Brazilian army recently. He had a poor childhood and started to play football for the Fluminense youth side, the best in Brazil. He had it as his way out of the crime he used to see in his neighbourhood.

He soon started to became the star of the squad coached by Marcelo Veiga and attracted the eyes of several clubs around the world. His top form occurred when he played in the Manchester Premier Cup in 2008 as he had an amazing competition coming back to Brazil with the title.

Everything was rosy when he was at the Fluminense youth team, he was by far the biggest gem in Brazil, even bigger than Neymar. Everyone was talking about him, but when he started practice with the professional squad he had some problems of indiscipline with Muricy as he wasn’t playing. Furthermore, he was accused of being lazy as he had signed for Arsenal already. So Muricy didn’t even give him a place on the bench and it affected his development. That’s when Arsenal decided to take him to London.

In my opinion we have BIG potential in our hands, but we have to treat him the right way in order for him to be a great player.What can get in the way of his career is his behaviour as players that have behaviour problems are tagged as “badboys”. Then anything wrong turns into a crime, but i think Wenger can deal with him very well and Arsenal was the best choice for his development. He came from the same youth system as Fabio, Rafael and Thiago Silva but he impressed more the coach staff more than the Milan and Man United players.

Written By Gabriel Eckhardt


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