Why the decision to keep Nasri is so significant

27 Jul

Arsenal look set to keep Samir Nasri after Hill-Wood was quoted as to saying

“It is possible we could lose the player on a free transfer but we are prepared to take that risk.”

This could be further evidence Cesc is Barca bound as Wenger knows losing both would have adverse effect on the team and supporter morale. The Arsenal manager has probably come to the conclusion that a team minus Fabregas to a foreign team plus 32-37m would be better than a team minus Nasri to a direct competitor for Champions League places and only 20million.

Although Cesc is a far superior player he is injury prone and that 20m from Nasri would be nothing if it costs us a place in the Champions League and the loss in revenue and players that follows. Nasri would also slot straight into his favoured position (where he looks twice the player) in the huge void left by Fabregas, behind the main striker.

Although we will be weaker in that department the money generated from the Fabregas sale ( which I expect to be announced as undisclosed but probably 32m+around 5m in performance related add-ons) would put Gary Cahill, Juan Mata and therefore silverware comfortably within our reach again. This would also give us so more strength in depth to the point where the sight of Sebastien Squillaci and Rosicky lining up for us in a crunch Premier League match would be a thing of the past (any team who names the likes of Ramsey among the subs bench are surely in for the league?)

The major risks to this all arise from the worst case scenario of us not winning anything next season. If it was to happen we would almost defiantly see Nasri going to Man Utd for nothing which would be a huge blow for the club with us being greatly weakened through losing Cesc and Nasri in the space of two years and Man Utd being greatly strengthened. It would also cause Van Persie to seriously question his future at the club as he would only have a year to run at this with his contract. Now it would be worst case scenario but should the Dutchman wish to leave it would almost certainly be the final nail in the coffin and this youth project the club embarked on all these years would have amounted to nothing but a resounding failure with us right back at the drawing board having to build another team while competing with the yids for a top 6 spot. A bit doom and gloom and extremely unlikely but something you have to take into account with decisions like this. Needless to say this could be one of the biggest decisions Arsenal ever have to make in the 2010 decade.

All in all, if this situation was to arise it represent a huge gamble from the Arsenal board that could pay off if we actually bring in the signings we need to help us go all the way this time round. Nasri has been quoted as to saying trophies are his motivation so the sight of red and white ribbons around a major trophy at the end of the season would surely prompt him to signing a new deal. At the moment it’s all “ifs” but I personally see it as the most likely scenario and shows that the board are bullish over our chances of success next season especially considering their usual minimal risk nature.

By Jack Kennedy

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2 responses to “Why the decision to keep Nasri is so significant

  1. Don McMahon

    July 27, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Good insight into Arsenal’s motives for taking this risk but your gloomy-doomy conclusions at the end of this article are totally erroneous and miss-placed. I will be very surprised that Cesc leaves unless Barca really pump up their offer with a player(s)+35MEuro amount. This could happen but Wenger is in the driving seat and will only accept an offer IF Cesc continues to demand a transfer AND hands in a formal request. We will see if he plays in the Emirates Cup at all. If not, we can be sure that his career at AFC is over. Wenger does not function on emotions but business and good management principles so he will do his usual balancing act until this issue is put to bed.
    I believe he will try and convince Nasri to sign during the season as he has an open contract and it can be renegotiated anytime, or he may even sell him in the January transfer window if any club is silly enough to be ready to buy him.

  2. Follow!

    July 28, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Cheers and in regards to the scenario, although written poorly, was less of a “conclusion” but more a worst case scenario at the opposite end of the spectrum to try and emphasis just how much of a risk it is.I’ve heard from a few sources that Cesc’s “hamstring injury” will also rule him out of the EC and that- coupled with widespread news Mata is moving closer to a move- suggests we are preparing for life without him.
    Completely agree with you on Nasri and can see Man.City paying stupid money given the situation (anything from 10-15m) to ensure Man.utd (who would probably be Nasri’s favored club) don’t snap him up in the summer.


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