Injury News: Fabregas out of Asia Tour, Eboue Doubtful, Miyachi In Squad

08 Jul

Wenger, speaking to has said Cesc Fabregas will not be travelling with the Arsenal squad to Asia due to a muscular problem. Emmanuel Eboue is a doubt for the trip after injuring his calf. He said,

“We will take the strongest possible squad, Fabregas will not travel because he still has a small muscular problem. He will stay and practice here. There is a doubt about Eboue who has done his calf.”

Wenger has also said Ryo Miyachi will be in the squad for the tour. The Japanese forward enjoyed a impressive half season on loan for Dutch club Fenyoord, and has impressed Arsene Wenger so far in pre season training, which started on Monday. He said,

“He is on the plane because he is quality, We want to give him a chance to show his quality and I think everybody will be curious to see him play in Asia.

“I rate him personally [and] it’s a good opportunity for him to show that he has the talent to play for Arsenal Football Club. He has an opportunity to show that [he is good enough for the first team].

“He has done extremely well at Feyenoord and we have so many good reports. It will be interesting to see him play.”


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2 responses to “Injury News: Fabregas out of Asia Tour, Eboue Doubtful, Miyachi In Squad

  1. Adetokunbo Olusegun

    July 11, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Wenger should serious abt dis summer transfer 2 buy gud players not just unknowing player.

  2. Chabbz Hettiarachchi

    July 15, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    mat i should really fix ur english as a fellow gooner, sorry if i offend you… It should be “Wenger should be serious…. and not unknowing its unknown… Saying that.. I disagree…. How many players do you see play in Barcelona that they bought from other teams? Villa, Adriano, Alves and Affelay. All other players were grown from the age of 12-13. Messi is one of them grown players…

    It gives a big oppertunity for the club to be financially stable… How? When you are buying youth stars you pay half the amount he is valued at since you don’t know how he will turn out to be… also If they do not turn out to be very good players you still have the option to sell them to a higher price than you bought them for.

    Secondly all players bought in that way would be faithfull to the club and will give everything to the club. If they become big stars and they want to leave you sell them for big money. A player like Jack Wilshere also came in that manner, and I can gurantee he will never leave Arsenal and he will be the best English Midfielder in the future. To be honest he already are the best. Loyalty…

    Being financially stable gives you the option not to rely on selling players and the freedom to try other players who can be potential stars. Who again will have loyalty to the club. Majority of the fans don’t understand that. All they know is we did not win anything so We should bring in good players. They don’t think abt how refrees and the FA is bias towards Man UTD and how Arsenal coped with big injuries, and how we were so close to winning and how well the club is doing and how stable we are..

    We dont need any big names. why? we have of our own… thats our 1st XI… we will win something and wait for it…


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